Here. We. Go! The $3million PUBG MOBILE World Invitational Powered by Gamers Without Borders - PUBG MOBILE’S biggest ever charity tournament – explodes into action tomorrow!

-- Four-day tournaments will be the climax of Gamers Without Borders’ elite series

-- Two $1.5m contests: one for Middle East & Asia, second for Europe & Americas

-- Biggest charity event in PUBG MOBILE history and first ever global Invitational

-- World’s best esports athletes will compete, with $3m winnings going to charity

July 21: Get your popcorn at the ready because things are about to get explosive!

On Thursday, the biggest charity tournament in PUBG MOBILE history will burst into life as the game’s best players on the planet merge on the one server for the PUBG MOBILE World Invitational Powered by Gamers Without Borders.

And it is guaranteed to be epic!

With $3million charity cash on the line, it is all to play for as the four-day epic closes out six weeks of incredible elite series action as part of the nine-week, $10million COVID-19 fundraiser, Gamers Without Borders.

Predicted to attract a global streaming audience well into the millions, the PUBG MOBILE World Invitational Powered by Gamers Without Borders will see two different tournaments run concurrently, in separate Eastern and Western divisions, with every second of the action broadcast live on Gamers Without Borders’ Facebook, YouTube and Twitch channels.

PUBG MOBILE World Invitationals are the defining battlegrounds for esports athletes, teams and franchises who specialise in PUBG MOBILE, hence hold considerable weight in international esports.

In the PUBG MOBILE World Invitational Powered by Gamers Without Borders, the Eastern division will see the best of Middle East and Asia go head-to-head in the knock-out contest, while the Western division will pit Europe’s leading PUBG Mobile esports athletes against their Americas-based rivals.

On the Western side of the draw, 19Esports (Canada), Alpha7 Esports (Brazil), Chivas Esports (Mexico), Destiny (Germany), Ghost Gaming (USA), Godsent (Ukraine), Gunz Esport (Egypt), Konina Power (Khazakstan), Lakonostra MVP (UK), Next Ruya Gaming (Turkey), Qlash (France), Ra'ad (Egypt), RTG Esports (Jordan), Team Onyx (Georgia), Team Queso (Argentina) and UDR Killers (Spain) will all go head-to-head, dreaming of clinching the lion’s share of the tournament’s $1.5million charity prize.

Over in the Eastern division, A1 Esports (Bangladesh), Bigetron Red Aliens (Indonesia), Blacklist International (Phillipines), DRS Gaming (Nepal), DSGaming (South Korea), D'Xavier (China), Fanatic Zombies (UAE), Geek Fam (Malaysia), Nasr Esports (Middle East). Natus Vincere (Russia), Reject (Japan), i8 Esports (Pakistan), Team Myths (Algeria), Valdus Esports (Thailand), Yalla Esports (KSA) and Zeus Esports (Mongolia) will battle it out.

The $3million charity bounty will be divided between the Invitational’s top performing teams, then donated directly to Gamers Without Borders’ partner humanitarian organisations UNICEF, Gavi, Direct Relief, the International Medical Corps and the King Salman Humanitarian Aid & Relief Centre, all of whom are leading the fight to get the COVID-19 vaccine distributed in the world’s most vulnerable nations.

Being co-streamed by both Gamers Without Borders and Tencent, every second of the action will be broadcast in more than 13 different languages to a truly global audience, with stcplay sponsoring every contest’s Elite Play of the Match award.

The matches begin at 1pm CEST on Thursday, continuing through until Sunday.