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Game Arts

This intensive program will equip stylized game artists who aspire to be leaders in the field with all the tools necessary to succeed and excel. Over 14 weeks, this exceptional, hands-on program will guide participants through every step of creating artistic aspects of stylized models for video games.

Game Development Himma Bootcamp

It is a technical bootcamp concentrates on game development by mastering the needed technical skills. For 14 weeks, participants will go through a well-designed learning journey starting from game designing, and unity game engine. Then, participants get to learn game programming which includes characters movement, game environments, game controlling 2D and 3D sounds, and multi-player games.

Game Jam

Game jam is a global event format where gamers come together to develop a game prototype from scratch in a very short period of time! Nine66 is organizing its first-ever game jam in Riyadh on May 12-14 at the Diriyah Biennale Art Gallery.

Learning Hub

A customized learning path through hundreds of learning courses to empower participants in the esport and gaming development.
The registration period starts from April 28 to 9 june , register now to get the opportunity to obtain accredited certificates in the field of electronic games.

SEF Academy

Saudi Esports Academy will launch with a series of training programs aimed at those who want to develop a gaming career that focuses on three main areas Players, technical competitive and business.

XR in Game Design and Development

A 4 hour Comprehensive Introduction to XR Technologies in Game Design and Development: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The workshop will be on Saturday 4th of June.

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